【How to Apply in Japan】Application for the Canadian Citizenship Certificate for those born in Japan

With the implementation of eTA, Canadian citizens (including dual nationals) need a valid Canadian passport to enter Canada by air since November 10, 2016.

AND in order to apply for a Canadian passport, those born in Japan under a Canadian parent (born in Canada or naturalized Canadian) will need a Canadian citizenship certificate to apply for a Canadian passport.


This page is intended to help you gather all necessary documents to apply for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate (Abbreviation: CCC) in Japan.


What documents you need for Canadian Citizenship Certificate application:

1) Application Form

Download the application form CIT0001 (Eng) / CIT0001 (Fr).

For names, you need to write exactly how your child’s name is stated on the official record of birth issued from the local government in Japan and the personal IDs for the child.

The statutory declarations concerning names are no longer available.


2) Two (2) Photographs

You need to submit two (2) identical photos.

The photo size should be 5cm x 7cm and it should comply with the photo specification.


For new born babies, it is difficult to take photos at a photo studio so what is suggested is that you place a white blanket on the floor or on a car seat (for the baby) and take a photo.

Have this developed at the photo studio.

On the back of the photo, write down your child’s name, the address of the photo studio and the date the photo was taken in English or French.


3) Child’s Official Record of Birth (Original)

It must establish the relationship between the child and the Canadian parent.


In Japan, this is usually the following document bearing the names of the parents:

  • Certificate of Family Register (Koseki Tohon/戸籍謄本) – for Japanese dual citizens
  • Certificate of Acceptance of Registration of Birth (shusshou todoke juri shoumeisho/出生届受理証明書) issued by ward or city offices.

One of the above documents must be accompanied by a translation into English or French.

Please see below translation section for more detail.

4. Proof of parent’s Canadian citizenship (original)

One of the parent’s birth certificate or a Certificate of Canadian citizenship.

The original needs to be submitted but if you are reluctant to send the original, it is advised to get a certified true copy of the original and send the certified true copy instead.

The certified true copy can be made at one of the Consulate of Canada but you need to make an appointment prior to visiting the Consulate.


If you are applying at the Consular Section of the Embassy, they will make a certified true copy on the spot and will return the original to you.


If you have lost your birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate, you need to apply for the reissuance prior to applying for your child’s Canadian citizenship certificate.


For reissuance of birth certificate, you should be able to apply online from your province’s vital statistics offices.


For reissuance of Canadian citizenship certificate, you need to apply replacement of Canadian citizenship certificate.

5) Two (2) Pieces of Personal ID for the child(originals)

In addition to the child’s official record of birth, two additional IDs need to be submitted.


Examples are:

Mother and Child Handbook (Boshi Techo/母子手帳)

Health Insurance Card

Hospital Appointment Card

Foreign Passport (Japanese passport will not need a translation accompanied)

Certificate of Residence (Jumin hyo/住民票)

Hospital Birth Certificate

Either the originals need to be submitted or certified true copies need to be made and submitted.

Be Careful!

For card type IDs (i.e. health insurance card, hospital appointment cards), if you are thinking of submitting the certified true copies, please make sure to copy both front and back sides and have it certified.


Original supporting IDs must also be accompanied by translations into English or French.

Please see below translation section for more detail.


6) Fee
The fee for Canadian Citizenship Certificate application is CAD$75.

You can either pay online OR chose one of the 3 methods given by the Embassy below:

Credit card (either Visa or MasterCard) – credit card authorization form

Cash in Canadian dollars

Japanese Postal Money Order (Futsu Kawase Shosho/普通為替証書)
*They will not accept cash in Japanese Yen


7) LetterPack Plus
If you are submitting the original documents, provide a self-addressed LetterPack Plus envelope to have returned the original documents to you if applying by post.

Also, if you are sure that you will not be moving in the coming year, you can also provide a self-addressed LetterPack Plus envelope to receive the Canadian citizenship certificate once the certificates reaches the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo.

LetterPack Plus is available at the Post Office of most of the convenience stores for 510 yen.

*To download the IRCC’s document checklist, click here.


Translation Requirement for the Canadian Citizenship Certificate


Any document that is not in Canada’s official language (English/French) must be accompanied by the English/French translation AND if the translation is not done by a certified translator of Canada, the translator will need to do a translation affidavit/declaration.


*Translations must not be done by the applicants themselves or members of the applicant’s family.

Translations can be done by a person who is fluent in both English/French and Japanese and the document should be typed and printed out (not handwritten).

If the translator is not a certified translator of Canada, the translator will need to do a translation affidavit/declaration at either the Embassy/Consulate of Canada or at a local notary service.


Basically, the translator will need to swear in the presence of a person authorized to administer oaths in the country in which the translator is living (Japan) that the contents of their translations are a true translation and representation of the contents of the original document.

At the Embassy of Canada, the translator can do the translation affidavit/declaration during the time of application submission which is 9h30 – noon, Monday to Friday except Embassy holidays.

The translator will need to appear in person and declare.


There is an additional notary service fee of CAD$50 charged.


At the Consulate of Canada, contact one of the Consulates to make an appointment in advance.

Likewise, The translator will need to appear in person and declare. There is an additional notary service fee of CAD$50 charged.

The translation affidavit/declaration can also be notarized at the local notary service (koshonin/公証人役場).

For the fee, you will need to contact the local notary service.


As mentioned above, if you have documents translated by a certified translator of Canada, the translation affidavit/declaration is not required.

To find a certified translator of Canada, click here.

*Translation requirement for Canadian Citizenship Certificate (CCC) is different from the translation requirement for Canadian passport. To meet both translation requirements, you should ask a certified translator to do the translation.


How to submit your application

You can either submit in person or by mail.

If you are submitting in person, you need to submit all necessary documents to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Canada.

Service hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:30am – noon. Appointments are not necessary.

To see the Embassy holidays, click here.


If you are submitting your application by mail, use traceable mail and enclose an additional self-addressed return envelope “Letter Pack Plus” to have the original documents mailed back to you.

*”Letter Pack Plus “can be purchased at post offices and also in major convenience stores at 510yen.

<<  Mailing address >>

Consular Section
Embassy of Canada
7-3-38 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Postal code: 107-8503

How long does it take to receive the actual certificate and how to receive the CCC?


The actual process is done in Canada and it will take between 4 months up to a year to receive the actual Canadian citizenship certificate once all necessary documents are submitted.

Once the Canadian citizenship certificate arrives at the Embassy, you can either go to the Embassy and pick it up in person or ask the personnel at the Embassy to send it to you on Cash on Delivery (with tracking number). The delivery fee will be on you.



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