【How to Apply in Japan】Canadian Temporary Passport Application

The service standard is 20 working days to have the regular passport issued once all necessary documents are submitted at the Embassy of Canada.

If you are applying in Canada, there is an urgent or an express service available with an additional fee.


However, if you are applying outside of Canada, there are no such services available.

The only option would be is to apply for a temporary passport.

What is a temporary passport?

Also known as an emergency passport, a temporary passport is used in circumstances where the traveler must travel urgently and is not in the possession of a valid travel document.

Such situation arises when:

  • You get your passport lost/stolen/damaged
  • your passport does not have enough validity but need to travel urgently
  • your passport visa pages are full but need to travel urgently for work
  • Simply not in possession of a valid passport

The Canadian temporary passport is a white passport with 8 pages booklet and is valid for one year.

The temporary passport will need to be exchanged within 60 calendar days upon issuance of the new regular passport.


There is an additional fee for this service, which will be in addition to the regular passport fee.


What documents you need to prepare?

1) Regular passport application documents

When applying for a temporary passport, it is mandatory to apply for a regular passport at the same time.

Have your passport application (Simplified Renewal, General Passport or Child Passport Application) ready.


2) Proof of travel

Submit a copy of the flight itinerary or e-ticket.

The flight itinerary should be international flights and not domestic ones.

If the application is for the child, the name of the passenger should include the name of the relevant child and parent’s name who is travelling with the child.


3) Statement explaining why you are applying for a temporary passport

Prepare a statement with your signature (applicant’s signature) explaining why you need to apply for a temporary passport.

State the reason of urgency in detail.

Start with “Whom it may concern,” phrase and explain that the regular passport takes 20 business days to have it issued and that you do not have enough time and cannot change your flight schedule.


Mention the date of departure and your flight info.

Try to be precise in your explanation.


4) PPTC120 (Temporary Passport Exchange Agreement)

Fill in the PPTC120 Form (Temporary Passport Exchange Agreement).

This is to declare that you will exchange the Temporary Passport with the regular passport within the 60 calendar days upon issuance of the new regular passport.


This form is only available at the Embassy/Consulate of Canada.


The applicant will either need to go to the Embassy or the Consulate of Canada in person and sign in front of the officer.


The Embassy of Canada is open from 9:30-12:00 or 14:00-17:00 on Mon-Fri (except for embassy holidays).

If you are going to the Consulate of Canada, contact one of the Consulates to make an appointment in advance.

Be careful as some of the Consulates are not open everyday.


5) Temporary Passport Fee

The Temporary Passport fee is CAD$110.

The fee is an addition to the regular passport application fee.

There are 3 methods of payment:

  • credit card (either Visa or MasterCard) – credit card authorization form
  • Cash in Canadian dollars
  • Japanese Postal Money Order (Futsu Kawase Shosho/普通為替証書)
    *They will not accept cash in Japanese Yen.

To find out the fee in Japanese Yen, click here.

What you need to be careful when applying for a temporary passport

Make sure that your guarantor and/or your references are reachable as it seems that the officer will contact either/both the guarantor and/or references to verify the identity of the applicant.


If they cannot get hold of your guarantor/references, the issuance of your temporary passport may be delayed.


How to submit your application

You can either submit in person or by mail.

If you are submitting in person, you need to submit all necessary documents to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Canada.

Service hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:30am – noon except for embassy holidays.

Appointments are not necessary.


If you are submitting your application by mail, use traceable mail and enclose an additional self-addressed return envelope “Letter Pack Plus” to have the original documents mailed back to you.

*”Letter Pack Plus “can be purchased at post offices and also in major convenience stores at 510yen.

<<  Mailing address >>
Consular Section
Embassy of Canada
7-3-38 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo


How long does it take to receive the temporary passport?

It will take several working days to have the temporary passport issued.

But one thing clear is that the temporary passport will not be issued on the same day as you submit your application.

It will take at least an overnight.


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